Wow!! What a weekend! Life as a wedding photographer is amazing! You get to see so much fun stuff. Being around people on a wedding day and feeling their emotions is like having the volume turned up on everything – colours seem brighter, laughter longer and louder, the excitement and sense of anticipation is unreal! I shot not one but TWO stunning PapaKata tipi weddings this weekend. One at the beautiful Yorkshire coast near Sandsend and one at the Wood family home at Scoreby near York, with all 250 guests (somehow) managing to fit into the gorgeous english village church at Bossall, York.

I also became an Aunt for the first time! My brother Andy and his wife Lorna called on Sunday before I left for my wedding to say that they  have a baby boy. Cameron King 4lb 13oz surprised us all by arriving three weeks early. He is the first baby in the family for 35 years  so he is extra special and I am so looking forward to getting to know this new little person – and shooting enormous amounts of  pictures of him of course !!!!

More to follow on all of this – as you can imagine I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of images from this weekend to look through and give my special touch to – all will be posted here very soon.