There’s a film called Phenomemon, its one of my favourites starring John Travolta and Kyra Sedgwick. Kyra’s character makes rustic chairs out of small branches of wood and offers them for sale at the garage that John’s character owns. Except that no one wants to buy these chairs because they are pretty ugly. But John’s character does buy them, because  he secretly loves her. Because he understands it is her passion. Because he is interested in what she is interested in. So he keeps buying the chairs in the hope that she will call by with more chairs for him to sell. So that she can continue to do what makes her happy.

Last weekend my husband, Buzz, well, he “bought my chairs”.  Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

We went to East Sussex for the weekend for my birthday and I visited a place that I have wanted to go to for 15 years. The place is Dungeness in Kent. Derek Jarman, the film maker and artist bought a small, beautiful, fishermans cottage there in 1986 and created a wonderful garden. A book was published. I bought it. The pictures were stunning.  Derek’s diary entries drew you in to this magical place and the pace of his life at Prospect Cottage. I fell in love with the garden he created there on the shingle, the rusty metal sculptures he found, the use of the flint stones in circles and his gentle coaxing and nurturing of his plants that grew despite the sea spray and the wind.

Dungeness is a very special place. It is a site of special scientific interest. It is the largest shingle promontory in Europe. There  are lichens here that do not grow anywhere else. It is flat and beautiful, skylarks and linnets fly overhead, in summer the shingle attracts honey bees and common blue butterflies. The nuclear power stations of Dungeness A and B hum in the background. Old abandoned fishing huts lean into the wind, long forgotten boats lie on the shingle. Bright blue fishing nets and rusty old winches lie waiting.

I spent two days here at Dungeness shooting photographs because I just loved it sooooo much.

Buzz, well, he kept me company and tried to love it too. Even while I took close ups of yellow lichen, old orange fishing nets and rusty metal.

I love that man : )

I hope you liked a peek into my world and what I love to shoot : )  Annemarie x