Sometimes its worth taking a minute to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. I know that easy for me to say living in the country but I also love finding things in the city too. There is a rusty building in Leeds that I adore and I love the way it looks against blue and stormy skies. I like the curve of a church turret and the peeling paint of a bright red warehouse door.  Its worth finding a quiet moment, finding calm and seeing again what is all around us, the things we pass everyday and barely notice. This morning for me it was while I was out walking Boo and Patch in the fields and I saw some rosebay willowherb in the hedgerow and it was the most beautiful pink  set against the stormy blue grey sky. Then, on the way back I noticed the windfall apples – such an amazing green colour with two bright yellow wasps sitting on top.

As a photographer I think close observation can really help us capture what is real and what is really the essence of a wedding day so I try to notice as much as possible and then show it back to my couples. I have a quote that I use on my business cards that reads ” I see something special and show it to the camera. The moment is held until someone else sees it. Then it is theirs” . The wedding that I shot on Sunday for Sarah and Ian was all about cream roses, Sarah’s amazing sparkly brown eyes, the silver and purple theme,  it was hazlewood castle and its many hidden corners and possibilities and it was the connection and laughter between the two of them. There are so so many more images to see over on my client area  – friends and family please use the password given out on the day.