Nicola from O’Crumbs

I worked with Nicola from O’Crumbs on the rebrand of her business, O’Crumbs based here in York.

First we held a planning meeting where I learned more about Nicola’s business, her brand colours, and what kind of visuals she liked. Pear and cinnamon slices and huge mugs of tea were consumes as we chatted! Delicious.

Prop planning was a HUGE part of this meeting and Nicola and I pulled exciting bowls, textiles and utensils out of her kitchen cupboards. Some of the props we ultimately used on the shoot were those that had sentimental meaning to her, which made the final collection of images even more special. One of the props belonged to herald flatmate at college and had the most beautiful patina.

I was keen to include some cream, orange and green elements into the images as Nicola’s new logo designed by the brilliant Michelle Hughes Design in York used these colours, and I felt it would pull the website together.

New, I went home and put together a Pinterest board for Nicola, mindful of our discussion about the kind of images she was hoping for and as a loose plan for what we might shoot for the day.

On the shoot day our location was a stunning French antique house called The French House in York, a fabulous treasure trove of a place and perfect for our needs.

Chips and Grady



A piece of work for York marketing and PR firm, Chips and Grady.

This was a shoot for Vegan Life magazine.

Creased Puddle


I worked with Caroline from Creased Puddle to provide her start up business with images for her new website.

People love to see who they will be doing business with, and as Caroline will be delivering neurodiversity training to businesses in the Yorkshire region, I made sure we had some great pictures of her for all business purposes. To date, the images have been used for press release, the Creased Puddle website.