New personal branding work for Caroline from Creased Puddle.

Creased Puddle deliver neurodiversity in the workplace training using virtual reality headsets. Caroline asked me to produce a set of images for her website, particularly to populate different pages to show different aspects of her work . Our planning appointment gave me lots of clues as it how I would photograph Caroline, she has a wonderful big personality and told me that she’s not a very girly girl, she told me she often gesticulates and sits in a more manly way. So I wanted to her personal branding portraits to be true to who she is. I shot her as I observed her – strong, direct, honest and very capable. I photographed Caroline with a strong business like look. We chose her beautiful vivid blue silk top to complement her Creased Puddle logo and shot these at my York studio, and we selected her favourite crisp white shirt using a styled version of her office as a backdrop.

At the end of my sessions I like to give my clients a ‘wildcard’ – meaning they can do anything at all – a pose of their own choosing – and it’s totally unpredictable! Caroline chose to use the VR headset and I love it. Clients love to see your personality, so why not mix in a few fun pictures with others on your website?