I’m really not a person that eats a lot of cakes. Its not that i’m ‘holier than thou’ or anything … oh no! I can happily  munch on flap jack and shortbread and all kinds of biscuity goodness. But now, I am addicted to Betty’s fondant fancy cakes.

This all started a couple of weeks back when one of my brides, Iona and her mum Rosemary came to visit me on their way back from ordering her wedding cake at Betty’s in York. They were carrying a brown paper bag and inside was a beautiful box tied with pink ribbon and inside that – well yep there they were 4 fantastic fondant fancies… for me!  So I had my first taste with a posh coffee from my new machine at the studio. Yum! And now, now I am actually thinking about visiting the shop and buying another. This is a habit that my waistline cannot afford!!

I am sure Iona’s wedding cake is going to be stunning, so watch out for inspiration in the form of my detail shots later in the year.