It’s late summer. I can see everything changing as I walk Boo and Patch my dogs, in the fields. Harvest is almost complete, the leaves are starting to turn golden and I’m looking forward to a glorious autumn and all the beautiful colour and amazing places I can shoot pictures here in the country. Last autumn I shot some pictures for Cara Jemison for her website and flyers. Cara is my neighbour here at my little converted cow shed photography studio in York. She also happens to be a professional wedding singer!

I thought I’d ask Cara to share a little insight into her job…

Q: I had a professional wedding singer at my wedding. It was beautiful, a real moment of calm during the middle of the service. I remember feeling pure happiness as I listened to ‘Ave Maria’. Is this a popular choice still?

Ave Maria is an amazing song and yes it is still very popular..I must admit, it is one of my favourites to perform! I always describe Ave Maria as a vintage Chanel handbag- it will always be beautiful, simple and very classical!

Q: How can a bride decide which music to include during her wedding day?   

Music is such a personal deciding to have it on your special day and then having to choose which music is even harder! One of my sweetest couples choices was Clare and Shaun who got married in May 2010.

Claire came to me wanting me to sing two songs within her and Shaun’s service.. They had chosen Chasing Cars – which had always been their special song…and The Wedding song by Julie Rodgers..

Clare’s reasoning behind this song was because it had been the song that had been sang during her mum and dads ceremony many years ago and it meant a lot to them..not only that but the words are just so beautiful and perfect..The best bit was that Clare kept it a secret from her mum until I performed it on that day.. There faces were just indescribable..a brilliant example of emotional happiness!..

I love the fact that not only will it be in Clare and Shauns memories but it will also be remembered by her mum and dad.. x


Q: Whats the best way to include music into your wedding day?

Music is emotionally satisfying..and you know that your self – whether your singing in the shower or belting out a karaoke favourite! Mine is singing for others and providing that emotional satisfaction.

Everybody is different.. music is more than often had in the evening do..but music else where in the day has a completely different feel..singing has that calming, fairytale bubble feeling and personal touch for not only you but for your guests – which is exactly how your wedding day should be!

Q: Can you help pick the perfect piece of music for a couple?

Working with my couples is so important to me and something I always do. I feel privileged being asked to be involved when it comes to helping them to pick their music..

I always look at the type of wedding my couple are having,is it a big wedding, a small wedding, the venue, colours, the time of year they are getting married, how they met and especially the type of music they both like.. all these things help to discover the mood of music they are after and sometimes helps remember old time favourite songs!

Q: You studied at the italia conti school in london. What can you tell us about that?

Before I went to the Italia Conti I was very classically based – that classical my singing teacher always wanted me to go to the guildhall collage in london to study opera! However, I thought differently! Although singing soprano material is my forte, I am now able to perform all types of music through my training..

Q: Who inspires you musically?

Oh gosh, I have so many.. Julie Andrews is just ‘practically perfect’ !

Q: Which venues are your faves? Do you sing  just in church or venues also?

No, I sing in very varied venues and churches..There are too many wonderful venues out there that I can’t answer that easily! But I can say that Singing in churches are a mazing, purely because of the acoustics and the originality and history behind them..

Q: Why do you think it’s important to show pictures of you on your site?

Pictures can tell so much about a person and I think it’s important for people visiting my site not only to be able to hear my voice but to see the person it is that performs.

When we worked on these pictures, we both wanted to show my true self.. Girly, smiley, friendly and professional.. I knew straight away working with you Annemarie we were going to achieve that..and I believe we did?!  .. (Even when our purple kite wouldn’t take off!)

Q: I have an ‘I love’ section on my own website. What do you love and why?

Well obviously I love singing and doing what I do!..I love making people happy and knowing that I will always be part of their memory..I love watching my little boy swaying and singing along when I sing.I love going to the theatre, especially in london, I love getting into my pjs, I love my cups of teas and diet cokes, I love eating, I love my soaps…oh and I love my handbags!

Cara, thank you ever so much for sharing x

Cara is having a fabulous tea party event this Thursday, 8th September in Bishopthorpe to showcase her talent . Its a great opportunity to hear Cara sing. Visit Cara Jemison’s website here and Cara would love you to contact her if you would like to attend.