There’s something about autumn that lends itself to romance. Perhaps it’s the hazy memories of warm nights and dancing beneath the stars, or the pictures on social media that take us back to the longer days and outdoor parties. Or maybe it’s just because this is the most romantic of all the seasons… Big scarves and knee-high boots, Sunday walks after a cosy pub lunch – leaves crunching underfoot, longer nights, and the sparkle of Christmas magic on the horizon.

No wonder so many people choose this time of year to pop the question! It’s a natural conclusion to a year well spent and a promise to makes the future just as glorious. So as the nights draw in and the fire flickers, take advantage of the magic in the air and plan that most special of days…

Your wedding day.

I’ve photographed over 1000 weddings in this beautiful county of Yorkshire and not one has been alike. Just like you and your partner, and the world you’ve created together, every wedding is unique. And that’s what I love so much about what I do. I have the honour of being part of one of those few days in life that you’ll remember forever. And as your wedding photographer, I am the lucky one who gets to document it.

“… we may find photographs, like confetti on a ballroom floor the morning after the dance, to keep the event alive in the memory of those who danced all night…”  Victor Hugo

I love this quote. It runs around my head as I capture the million little moments that make up the first day of your marriage. The laughter, the embraces, the smiles when eyes meet… The moments you might actually miss because you’re slap bang in the middle of them! My images tell your story. I take a considered, fine-art approach to produce a set of photographs with a similar look and feel throughout. Light, colourful and natural, my aim is to show every aspect of your wedding – the special exchanges with family and friends, the setting and scenery, the details you’ve spent so much time crafting.

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend for a less conventional style of wedding. One that feels a little more personal – with a quirky edge and a real sense of individuality. As I hope to fulfil the needs of every single one of my couples, I’ve created a new service to appeal to this fun approach…

“Wedding Essentials” is for those wanting, well, just the essentials! It’s three hours of what I do best – beautiful, natural couple portraits, the ceremony and informal family pictures. It can also be easily adapted to suit each wedding more specifically. Before the year is out, I am hoping to speak with anyone who’s recently got engaged to see if my Wedding Essentials service is the sort of thing they’re looking for. If that’s you, then I’d love to have a chat and hear your thoughts! You can get in touch via this form.

I’d be so delighted to be part of your day,

Annemarie x