Can you imagine putting together a beautiful wedding like this one in just 12 weeks? Because that’s just what Lou and Rashed my couple who were married on Saturday did. Dave, their good friend and usher for the day said to me ‘imagine what they could do with a year!’ Wow! Still … I cant imagine it being a more beautiful wedding.

When they approached me to shoot their wedding they had only really ‘met’ me through this blog and Lou says she just knew I was the right photographer for them (so lovely!) So, the first time we met was up at their venue a couple of weeks before the day to have a look around. When Lou told me their wedding was at Howsham Hall I knew I hadn’t been there before – no wonder – it is privately owned by her cousin and opened for the day so Louise and Rashed could celebrate with their guests. A large place like Howsham Hall has many many places where beautiful pictures can be found. The games room with the elephant was one of my favourites – the light in there so soft and beautiful. The great hall with the sculptures and filled with cream and pale blue flowers for the day is stunning. We shot pictures in the porch with the stone sculptures and on the roof with the sun setting behind.

Lou and Rashed’s wedding was a wonderful fusion of their individual styles and cultures –  english spring flowers in pots on their tables mixed with indian sari fabrics and daffodils, tea lights, lanterns, cobra beer, primroses.

I have so many more pictures I would love to share and maybe a part 2 to this post will follow …

bouquet flowers: dales florist

venue: howsham hall

make up: kate pymm