Its Sunday. Its sunny. I should be sleeping or walking the dogs or eating the poached egg and muffin my husband made for me or something. But I just have to write about yesterday’s wedding! My head is just full of the amazing day. The colour, the setting. How amazing Kate and Steve looked together.

Although it was a March day and it felt like it wanted to rain that drizzly rain that soaks you in a minute  – it didnt! We had some light rain but mostly sunshine!! I loved the jewel colours which were a theme of the day – the flowers and the beautiful Coast bridesmaid dresses. The cupcake flower holders from The Green House at Idle and the candles. Kate’s amazing shoes from Irregular Choice – I want some! Lauren Sally’s make up was perfection!

As Kate’s make up was applied and the morning light hit her face as she shared a joke with her family i thought how incredibly privileged I am to share those special moments before the wedding wiith the bride. to see her transformation on her wedding day . sharing the fun, the nerves, the family connection.  to record the details that have meaning for a girl on her wedding day.

The Park Plaza Hotel in Leeds has some amazing spots to shoot pictures.It looks out over city square and the rooftops and steeples

Leeds Town Hall was the venue for the ceremony – beautiful light by those pillars