Bride and groom in york

I have just finished reading Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. Its all about the painter Vermeer and how the maid Griet observes the painters work. He teaches her to really see the subject in front of her – to notice that clouds are in fact not white but many different colours when you really look – grey, blue, pink, orange.
Paintings really influenced early photographers and much can be learned from them. How to show someone in their best light – how to make someones hands look slender and beautiful. How the tilt of your head one way or another can increase how beautiful you look.
It was shortly after I finished the book that I noticed these amazing paintings starting to appear on the streets of York.
Karen and Simon asked me to photograph their wedding shortly after this at The Hospitium  in the museum gardens in York. On their wedding day imagine how excited I was to find a painting nearby Рactually attached to the wall of The Hospitium itself!!. I managed to fulfil my wish to use it as a lovely background! Congratulations to you both.
What do you walk past every day without really seeing? Think about it!