Isn’t it nice when you go on a website and you can see a picture of the person who is behind that site? I am guilty of only having one picture of me on my site ( something that is going to change really soon!! )

Jackie is an artist who wants to introduce herself to her clients at the very first point of contact – her website. S0, on a sunny March morning I set off for the farm where Jackie lives near York and had a proper cup of tea froma tea pot with a gorgeous hand knitted cover and had a good old chat with Jackie and got to know her a bit better before I decided how I wanted to shoot the pictures.

When I shoot portraits I look for the most attractive things about a person and bring those out. I didn’t have to look too hard with Jackie – she has gorgeous twinkly browny green eyes and fab corkscrew curls! Jackie is so many things as all women are I guess – a wife, a mother to three boys and two cute terriers, an artist and a businesswoman. She runs Painty Party which allows people to create their very own masterpiece with her guidance. Hen party anyone!!??