…. and I’m overly excited about the fact that the date is 10.3.10 – this is never going to happen again in my lifetime! I love special dates. I am a person that loves symmetry!!  I just had to check to see if any of my brides and grooms had picked a date because it appeared to be a special date -and I have weddings booked for 10.4.10 and 10.7.10 . Everyone,  please comment and let me know why you chose your wedding date. Sometimes its because parents or grandparents married on the date, sometimes its just practical because thats the date the venue had available and sometimes just sometimes its because, like me, they thought the date itself was special.

Well anyway I am calling by the studio to do a couple of jobs then I’m going into town to add some beads to the gorgeous Pandora lariat my husband got me for my birthday. In a symmetrical way of course!! ; )