When I casually asked Kris how he and Hayley met he replied that he shot her on the bottom with a paintball gun!!  I guess after that he said something like “and the rest is history”  but I was laughing so much that I didn’t hear how he managed to charm his way out of that one!!

I visited Hayley and Kris at her parents farm near Colton to shoot some engagement pictures and get to know each other better before their wedding in a few weeks time. We had a lot of fun wandering around the farm finding great little pockets of light and some great backgrounds. My favourites were the grain store below and of course as ever my passion for painted wooden doors was satisfied by this amazing red one!

I was lucky enough to meet some of their pets on the farm – the most memorable being their guard rooster, Chucky. I spent a few minutes alone with Chucky before finding out he sometimes attacks people he doesnt like! Eek! He must think I am ok. I noticed the postman didn’t get out of his van when he arrived though and posted the letters though the van’s window!