Ann and Stan had their first date at city screen in York. They didnt go to see a film, but had latte’s in the cafe and talked and talked. The start of a long distance relationship begins. Some time later,  Stan is travelling around the world and travels to San Francisco. He secretly buys Ann an engagement ring.  Ann travels, unsuspecting to San Francisco to meet up with Stan on this part of his trip , and they travel The Pacific Coast Highway together in an open top Mustang, heaters on full. When they reach Carmel, Stan proposes to Ann in a beautiful lodge in the woods amidst rose petals and candles.

I could talk to Ann and Stan for hours. We had big fat latte’s and biscotti at City screen to warm up during our pre wedding shoot. We talked about art and beauty and ballet and Starbucks and love and travel. We talked about food ( Ann knows the best bistro’s and coffee shops in town) and music and  language, architecture, and animals. Particularly dogs. Ann and I have a shared love of leggy lurchers and greyhounds!

A lovely, interesting and incredibly cool couple. I am so happy to be shooting their wedding later this year in York. Here are just a few pictures from the session. Yes, I know York is a beautiful city and I have used my favourite,  textured backdrops rather than cityscapes, but I can’t help it – its what I SEE and its where the good light is : )