Sarah and Simon got engaged at Tiffany in New York. How glamorous is that? Tiffany in New York is the most amazing place EVER! They have a person who opens the door for you, a person who announces every floor in the lift and staff who just make you feel so amazing and very special. Simon had called in to Tiffany and chosen the ring he wanted to give to Sarah and left is for resizing. Then found that he wasnt able to slip back to Tiffany to collect the ring without Sarah wondering where he had been! If you have ever been to New York you know how much time it takes to cross Manhattan.

So…. he hatched a plan. He and Sarah visited Tiffany and looked around. They spotted a beautiful diamond ring. Sarah loved it. Simon said something like,  “Well.. I’m glad you love it because there is one like that waiting for you upstairs!! ”

We had so much fun shooting their pre wedding pictures. It was Simon’s birthday, it was lovely and sunny and they had a fun day in York planned. It was great to spend some time together before their wedding in July. Can’t wait!